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Do you ever ask, "Why do I respond this way?" as you take in a work of art in a gallery or when you enter an architectural space?

I’m on a quest to uncover patterns of response in how people respond to the elements of design, especially color.  Color research in the last decade has begun to shift away from a reliance on hue (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) to explain human response to color and is increasingly looking at the other two dimensions of color, value and chroma, for a more comprehensive understanding of how it works.


A few years ago I conducted a study to explore the connection between language and categories of color such as Pale, Dark, Muted and Vivid and there was significant agreement among subjects about their meaning.  Since then I've been presenting at conferences and publishing articles about it, and am now developing a course to teach designers how to leverage these patterns and use them to develop color palettes. Evidence-based decision-making is increasingly expected in the field of design and my approach helps designers incorporate it into their thought process about color. 

In this podcast "The Hidden Dimensions of Color" color expert Amy Krane of interviews me about this new approach. To learn more about my work visit the Color Research tab.

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