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The goal of this project was to design a 300 sq.ft. trade booth for IIDA at Orgatec 2018. Open on one side, the booth was to include a greeting area, collaboration spaces, wall backdrop and storage and feature Vitra furnishings.  The design should reflect the IIDA brand, mission and vision.  


"Hygge" is a Danish word/concept that conveys coziness and togetherness. The Hygge Share concept assumes that when people are comfortable they are more likely to engage with other people. Trade shows can be hectic and noisy and this booth seeks to provide visitors with respite that allows for meaningful interaction. 


Sound attenuating materials such as felt are incorporated into the wall and the ceiling clouds.  The use of texture allows for the reinforcement of the IIDA brand while providing some relief from the black/white color scheme. The feature wall is backlit and reflective of the IIDA mission to connect interior design professionals across the globe.   

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