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The proposed gallery and residence is located in a city along the Rust Belt and features the gallery on the first two floors and a residence for the owners on the third floor.  The goal is to consider the Rust Belt context in the design of the gallery and the inherent challenges of a gallery business, and to specify sustainable furniture and finishes. 


"Chameleon" is an animal that adapts to its circumstances, changing color to blend in with the environment when survival demands it. In the same way, the gallery must adapt to changing demographics and buying practices in order to survive what is a notoriously challenging business. 


The Rust Belt inspired the idea of reclaimed metal art as a core collection in the gallery, including a reclaimed metal tree at the entrance to tie in with the enduring sustainability trend.  The design of the gallery includes multiple flexible spaces where the gallery can create memorable experiences and meet the needs of different types of customers at the same time.

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