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The goal of this project was to propose schematics for the design of public areas of a hospital using evidence and other standards as a basis for design decisions.  Decisions about square footages and space allocation in the building footprint were left to the designer.


"Biophilic Discovery" offers youngsters opportunities for positive distraction (Ulrich, 1981) from a place that is typically stressful by engaging them mentally and physically with elements of the natural world.  Caregivers also benefit from the connection to natural elements and also amenities that allow them to exercise or escape to a quiet place as needed.


Prototypicals and user journeys directed the flow of space that separated offices from public areas.   WELL standards incorporate daylighting and opportunities for exercise.  Mystery, complexity, prospect and refuge (Hildegard, 1999) are interwoven with plant life and natural patterns to create a restorative environment for short-term and longer-term visitors.

Universal Design Playground (DETAIL)
DIVERS_E_SCHEMATICS_Pediatric Hospital F
Child-friendly features near entry engage activity and imagination. (DETAIL)
DIVERS_E_SCHEMATICS_Pediatric Hospital F
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