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         INTERIOR DESIGN       

Obtaining an Interior Design degree later in life was an experience I highly recommend, not just for the learning challenge, but also because it helped crystallize what I really care about.  These projects illustrate the value I place on comfort, wellness and the natural world.

"Biophilic Discovery" Pediatric Hospital Commons

EBD   WELL Standards   Universal Design   Biophilia

"Over & Under" Mixed Use

Biophilia    Sustainability    

Pediatric Hospital Commons Design
"Mighty Oak" Learning Center

Autism/Cognitive Challenges   Universal Design

"Chameleon" Gallery and Residence

Sustainability   Accessibility

"Cosmos" Teen Center on Cruise Ship

Multi-Activity Space   Imagination   Accessibility

"Hygge Share" IIDA Exhibition Booth

Human Comfort   Accessibility

"Common Ground" 2018 Olympic Lounge

Cross-cultural Design   Accessibility

Teen Center Design
IIDA Trade Show Booth
Sustainable Realty Office and Penthouse
Sustainable Gallery Design
Construction Docs 11.jpg
Olympic Lounge Design
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